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Building a Dream Business For Healers, Mystics and Lightworkers

Many are awakening all over the world and remembering that they are Healers and Mystics contracted to assist Mankind at this very important time. Although this can bring joy, this can also bring confusion and mixed emotions, throwing our minds and lives into turmoil. Innerstanding this process and stepping into our Divine Power can be difficult if we do not innerstand what is happening to us and how to move forward. 

I AM Deborah and, with assistance from the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm, I have moved through this process of Remembering Self and Stepping into my Divine Power. I AM a wise old Healer / Mystic and have been called to assist healers and mystics innerstand their Divine Power and their path to serving the Divine using ethical business practices. I assist in seeing how through your business you can live an abundant life from your healing gifts. Together we identify skills gained from your journey of life that can assist in building a pipeline to a magical business. You have embodied at this time with a Divine Plan and Purpose firmly embedded within your divine DNA and you are awakening to this plan. I AM sent here to assist Healers, Mystics and Lightworkers in establishing thriving businesses that best serves that plan and purpose.

I AM Sending Love and Light

Gratitude and Love 💜🤍 to my Special Friends Belinda Womack and The 12 Archangels

Client Testimonials

With❤️from clients

"Yes, Deborah is a genius when it comes to building a business, social media structure, and technology, but what matters most to me is her HEART. She is kind, patient, and persistent and her integrity is stellar. She knows how to hold the hand of a sensitive being who is terrified of stepping out into the unknown world of brand expansion. She works like an Angel, fearlessly changing what must be changed while following her gut intuition each and every step. 

I am infinitely grateful for her expertise in building the School of Spiritual Evolution so that the teachings of the 12 Archangels are accessible to their students. Miracle worker, relentless, stubborn, and extremely generous is the best way for me to describe Deborah Langford!

Belinda J Womack, 


Author of Angel Abundance, Revelations on True Wealth from the 12 Archangels and Lessons from the 12 Archangels, Divine Intervention in Daily Life.

Belinda Womack and The 12 Archangels School of Spiritual Evolution Deborah Ann Langford website

Client Testimonials

With❤️from clients

"Deborah Langford is a Godsent. She combines her powerful heart energy, her accurate intuition and her extensive knowledge and experience of marketing that manifests as pure genius. 

I needed help with marketing for my animal communication business and my team of helpers in heaven pointed me in her direction. I felt an instant connection with Deborah's kind and loving heart and a feeling that she understood what I was here to do and how she could help me. 

Her clairvoyant "movie reels" gave amazing clarity to help me see where I am headed, my gifts, and illuminated a plan on how to get there. 

She delivered a multitude of practical and understandable steps to take to help me and my services/brand to be "seen." Deborah is a real, clear channel and a gift to all who need her assistance. 

Thank you, Deborah! I am so grateful!"

Kathy Van Guilder


Author of, "For the Love of Animals, the untold thoughts of our pets"

Kathy Van Guilder Deborah Ann Langford website

Client Testimonials

With❤️from clients

"I just love Deborah. She radiates warmth and profound wisdom. Her wonderful sense of humour means that our meetings are infused with sprinkles of laughter. Her unwavering persistence and dedication to the success of my growing business is sincere. Deborah's thoughtful reminders and attentive check-ins have been invaluable, helping me to maintain my focus. Drawing upon her intuitive brilliance, Deborah offers strategic insights that have become pure gold for progressing my business. Her ingenious suggestions for my optimal next steps resonate deeply, providing me with the guidance I need to advance confidently. In essence, Deborah's presence is nothing short of a divine blessing, steering me through my business journey of creating soul-enriching books and educational resources, aimed at empowering and enlightening young minds.”

Kate Searle

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    Seeing Energy In Money

    Many religions teach that in order to be “godly” one should live in poverty or be in lack. This is not the way of Divine Source / Mother, Father, God. You are a reflection of God and God is abundant. Money is an energy and respecting money on Earth shows respect for what one is given, and it also shows respect for gaining access to the pipeline of abundance, in this case the healer's gifts and their service to humanity and the Divine Source.

    In order for you to assist with the healing of others, you have to heal and assist yourself first. Identifying and innerstanding your gifts and building a business around these gifts is key in the process of moving forward and assisting mankind to heal and innerstand that they are divine beings much loved by Divine Source / Mother, Father, God. These are very exciting times for mankind. Healers and Mystics are receiving powerful energies that are stirring them into much needed action and remembrance.